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Main Products :
Our main products are MIM parts, which can be made with various materials, such as pure iron, iron based alloys (Ni-Fe alloy), stainless steels, and high hardness alloy steels, etc. Other special alloys will be developed as requested, ex: copper, tungsten, cobalt and magnetic materials.

Registered Capital :
June 1977 N.T.$400,000
Jan. 1983 N.T.$2,600,000
Dec. 1987 N.T.$5,000,000
Feb. 1994 N.T.$16,500,000
Feb. 1997 N.T.$60,000,000

Products items :
Our MIM products have wide and an ever increasing application in the following fields:

  • Computer hardware & electronics parts (such as hinge, hard disk parts)
  • Precision machines parts
  • firearms, gun parts & penetrators
  • Medical devices parts
  • locking parts & inserts
  • Pneumatic tool parts、hand tool parts
  • Watch case & watch bands
  • glasses components
  • Printing equipment devices
  • parts of bicycle
  • components of optical fiber devices